Sunday, November 8, 2009

Hornby Island- A Magic Night

The little Dutch diner/cafe shop in Naniamo, BC is closed when we stop this morning, so we continue up the highway and stop at a fancier coffee place. I call David Gogo to give him a hard time about not coming out to our show last night. Big Dave says Gogo was out of town on a gig, and I agree, but figure I'll call him anyway as it's early... Ahh, no answer. I'll have to wake him up some other time, maybe next year. Before you know it we are at the ferry to Denman Island and Hornby Island. We cram a couple of backpackers into the van. They say they've paid for tickets. We say we believe them. The ferry guys don't ask. Both these women have black eyes— they look like they've been in a bar room fight somewhere. They look tough. But they are quite polite, and we take them as far as the community hall on Hornby.

We check in at the venue, and as it happens, we are early enough that we can go to our digs and relax for a while prior to showtime. Nice.

After a lovely meal, we head back to the Hall. There have been quite a few advance tickets sold, and we're expecting to have a great show tonight. This hall is made of wood— it smells nice, sounds nice, looks nice. Soundcheck was wonderful.

We have a great time. Dave and I are really hitting our stride with this presentation. I don't review our shows in this Blog— that's up to you folks— but I must say that it seems our audiences are enjoying these shows as much as we are— which is a whole lot! Thanks for helping to make these nights so much fun.

Of course there's a big raffle here on the island— plenty of interest in the Tour jackets! And here's tonight's lucky winner! After the show we pig out on the little, and big, left over dessert and snack items. Pie, cookies, red wine. The night seems black as there are few street lamps on the island, and the sky is hidden by clouds. When we load out the wind is picking up through the trees. Back at the house I have a glass of wine and listen to the wind, the water, the rain. Sleep will come easily. I'm going to run in the morning.

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