Friday, November 27, 2009

Sold-Out Show in Swift Current!

Yes, I know— the giant wheat is in Weyburn, but that's where we are starting. So, yes, big wheat. Gotta love it. Art in an oil town. We've only got a few hours of driving today, but Dave and I are up early and searching for breakfast. Alas, no diners of the sort we like. Another Canadian breakfast at Tim's! Fortified by coffee and bagels, we troll the town for pawnshops and thrift stores. The Sally-Ann store has just opened, but there are no old National guitars to be had... so we hit the highway. Good-bye Weyburn. Until next time.

It's an easy drive, and we stop in Cadillac because Big Dave is a Cadillac kind of guy.

We roll into Swift Current, where we'll be performing at the Art Gallery of Swift Current this evening. Early, so we GPS our way to our hotel to have a rest before load in and sound check. The rooms are really nice, and the presenters have provided us with goody baskets— snacks, fruit, organic wine. Very nice, and most appreciated. After a short nap we make our way across town to the venue.

The Art Gallery of Swift Current is a large, modern building, well designed and presented. Our show is in an auditorium/gallery space. It is beautifully equipped with banks of overhead stage lights, and it is clear that they have got a top flight sound company working with us on this show. This is going to be nice! I've been trying to book Swift Current into the Tour for several years now— but the dates never seemed to line up before. Big Dave has played this hall several years ago, and he assures me that it is a good one. The sound tech certainly knows his stuff, and Dave and I are finished our set-up and check in record time.

We return to the Hall after dinner to find that it is filling up. Apparently all the tickets have been sold. That's always good news. CD's are being sold in the lobby, along with wine, beer, snacks. This IS nice! We are so busy that we neglect to get pictures of the building or its lobby. Showtime! This is to be our last complete show as our final show tomorrow will be a single set. Dave and I have come up with a lot of material over the last three months, and this will be our last chance for us to hear and enjoy some of it. We are both pretty pleased at the way this show has developed. Tonight we are both really on. I'm just soaking up Big Dave's fabulous playing. And I felt that I had NEVER sung some of my own material as well as on this evening... Photos?

Well, I asked the crowd to pass around the Tour camera and take a few snaps for us... I didn't get all the stage views I was imagining, but the pics are kind of cool. So here's what we found in the camera! There's quite a few, so you may want to fast scroll if you are not from Swift Current...

We had a ball. I can't remember what we played for our encore. A great way to bring the Tour to the (almost) end. Dave and I both had quite a few fans come out— and I guess we made a bunch of new friends this evening. Nice. I just wish it wasn't snowing outside!

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