Monday, June 22, 2009

In Action

Welcome back! So, here we are, getting ready for action. I was going to put the new tour logo up here but something messed up, and the jpeg looked very different than the eps. Anyhow, y'all need to wait until I get that sorted, and then I'll put it here.

We're not up to the target mark of 100 shows yet, but I'm on the case and hope to have the little spaces all filled in. It's definitely shaping up to be a pretty exciting tour. We're going to do a gala tour launch in Toronto at Hugh's Room. We'll have copies of Dave's most recent, Juno-nominated CD, "Got 'em from the bottom," and we'll be releasing a new, live McLean & MacLean CD called "Big Road Blues." This is the CBC recorded material that was so popular on "Canada Live," "Saturday Night Blues," and "Concert on Demand." Next we'll head out into eastern Ontario, Quebec, and Atlantic Canada. We'll be playing some great venues including the Harvest Blues and Jazz Festival in New Brunswick.

The West is mostly sold out, and we have some North dates this time that are going to be really neat. CBC North was going to record us doing some shows, but when their budget was slashed we decided to go anyway. I'm not going to let Jack White play more Canadian territories than the National Steel Tour! And, who knows, maybe we'll figure out a way to record anyway!