Monday, February 9, 2009

Juno Nomination for Big Dave!

Juno Nominated Big Dave McLean

Last week's big news— Juno Nominations! Guess what? Big Dave McLean's new cd, "Got 'em from the bottom" has been nominated for "Blues Album of the Year." Way to go! This recognition means a lot to Dave. The Juno's are held yearly in Canada. It's an awards event which recognizes achievement in Canadian music, kind of a small scale Grammy Awards. It's a big deal in Canada... So, yes, we are thrilled and excited.

I guess the Nomination may have had some impact on our bookings... I've been busy enough that I have not had time to update the Blog until now. We're up to fifty shows at this point— half sold! I'm pretty sure we're going to make it to the magic number. So keep those emails coming, folks— I've still got fifty shows to fill!!

I'll get the developing route schedule up here in the morning, or at least soon, so you can read along. We now have shows booked in every province except Newfoundland (and I'm working on that). I'm hoping we can hit some of the Territories this Tour, but we are short on contacts. Why doesn't someone invite us to play some of those northern bases?