Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Lincoln and Cadillac Men

Nice, eh? Doc's Lincoln and Dave's Caddy. New blues rides for a couple of old blues guys. It's been a great, great Tour. Nine provinces, two territories, over 35 thousand km on land, plus marine and air transport. One hundred and four shows in 92 days. Ten thousand live blues fans, 17 radio shows, 2 television shows, Long and McQuade workshops from coast to coast. Over 1800 unique emails, 250 text messages, two trucks, one Maple nomination, one West Coast Music Award, two banners, 600 posters, four boomstands, one laptop, one iPhone, 500,000 mg. of vitamin C, 500,000 of vitamin D, 800 Advil, 50 bottles of Merlot, 800 cups of black coffee, one speckled grouse, 200km of running, one legal action, one wicked witch, one pail of cold water...

Dave and I pretty much wrapped the books on the Tour last night. It's hard to believe that it's over. The new rides are idling in the cold. We shake hands, embrace, and head back to our other worlds. West. And East. What a Tour. What a Tour. This was the big one, and we did it. Doc MacLean and Big Dave McLean. I'm so proud and so thankful to everyone who helped us out along the way. And now I'm bound for home.

Good-bye until next time. See y'all out on the Blues Highway.