Saturday, November 14, 2009

Quesnel, BC, Casino Time— New Mascot Joins Tour

It's a classic drive across northern BC today. The weather is with us, and we roll past mountains, lakes, rivers, trees and rocks. Just before lunch a big bird flies out of the ditch into our van. THUNK! At least it didn't hit the windshield, although a bunch of stones fly up from the truck ahead of us— creating little chips we'll be required to pay for.

Lunch stop, and everyone in the parking lot is pretty excited about our van. What the heck??? "Did you know you've got a speckled grouse on the front of your truck?" Actually, no. We didn't. Hell, we thought it was a hawk or something. But whatever, we've got a grouse now, and it seems he's along for the ride...

It's fairly late by the time we reach Quesnel, BC. This is the venue: The Billy Barker Casino. We roll in and it seems to be exceptionally friendly. We've got just enough time to load in, have a quick bite, soundcheck, suit up. It's a nice concert area with an excellent PA system and lights. We are doing our own tech this evening, but it doesn't take us long to get up and running. The rooms upstairs are very nice— antique filled with big, four poster beds. They've got heat, too! I like that part!

It's a good house tonight. Quite a number of people have seen us on the Kamloops television station (that was a couple of weeks ago now), and yet more have heard us on CBC and on CKUA. This is a nice, as it is our first time in at the Casino— and we do, of course, want to draw good numbers. Two one hour sets and we're done. No encore here, but plenty of hand shaking. CD sales were very low, I don't think our merch booth was well placed.

Here's our lucky tour jacket winner!

After the show Dave retires to his quarters, while I roam the gaming rooms, taking in the sights. The staff are quite social, and I end up chatting with a few people before going out for pizza. These late night snacks can't be good for me— but I don't often do this. I guess watching all that gaming just makes me hungry! We can sleep in tomorrow as we have not got too far to drive.

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