Sunday, November 22, 2009

Times Again

Bad Bill. Grill Bill is not looking any better today...

Back again. Tonight is the famous Big Dave McLean Jam. Dave's been running this jam for close to 30 years now. Everyone is so happy that I've brought Big Dave back from the Tour! I'm going to sit in and play some harp tonight, but we won't be doing our Century Tour material. Dave's working! I'm free of responsibility for a change, so I'm going to have a couple of drinks and enjoy the Times scene. We do however, need to be down early for load in and set-up. That never changes!

Johanna Miller is on the band stand tonight... couple of guys from the Perps... the place is jumpin.' There's a big list, and Dave has his stubby pencil out, inventing combinations of players.

A good time is had by all. Susan Harris and I go back to Stonewall and stay up all night playing records.

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