Friday, November 6, 2009

Duncan Garage Showroom— Capacity Show!

It's a short ride to Duncan, BC today, so we take our time leaving— it's still wet and raining most of the time, and people have dropped by this morning to socialize. We drink coffee and hang around. I do an inventory of merch, a re-pack of cd boxes and jackets, a re-pack of the carry-in merch bag, a check of the merch sheets... Recycle trash from the van... Gear in. We're finally gone down the little lane, out to the Big Road. We are pretty wired and don't require any more coffee for the ride. In fact, we're probably going to have to stop a couple of times. This is old guy blues territory— the stop the van business— we don't remember having to stop so much back in the day! But it is a nice ride, even on a rainy day in November. The Island shows off its lush greens, low clouds, and varied topography.

In town early, we book into a moderately cheap motel, to snooze for a couple of hours. I'm supposed to be catching up the Blog from October, but we've had other challenges rise— there is a crazy legal action somebody has launched to try to prevent us from performing under our own, legal names! I don't fully understand it yet, so I won't talk about it here— beyond stating that it is stressful, distracting, and exhausting. I'll work on that problem instead of sleeping or working on the Blog. We have a tremendously good lawyer, whom I've dealt with for the better part of thirty years now, plus Canada's foremost entertainment publicist to assist us. So hopefully this will all work out.

I noticed this weathervane on our way to soundcheck.

It's always a pleasure to play the Duncan Garage Showroom. Proprietor Longevity John has no end of crazy decor around the place (check out the piggy banks and sperm banks above!). But in a serious way, this is also— in my opinion— one of the best acoustic rooms in Canada. It's simply a pleasure to play every time. The room is a great little theatre, the audiences are smart and well informed, the sound is always top notch. John does all the right things and keeps standards high for the room. It's always fun, and tonight is no exception! Dave and I have quite a few fans, both old and new come out this evening.

A good looking bunch, as seen from my chair on stage.

Jacket winner!! Yeah, yeah! You GO girl!! Congrats. This was fun.

Lots of blues friends, and great to see everybody. Thanks for yet another wonderful night in Duncan!

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