Monday, November 9, 2009

Rest Day on Hornby Island, BC

Woke up to this view this morning in the beautiful Ocean House. It is the second time we've stayed here, and we are really, really thankful for the hospitality! While Dave goes out to breakfast with some friends, I suit up and go for a run on the other side of this remarkable island. I'm sorry I didn't bring the camera— sometimes it is a bother to have it bouncing around in my pocket over distance. I go about 10- 15 km, mostly on trails high on cliffs over the water. A thrill. It did get a little wild at times, and I wondered how long it would take to find me if I were to have a mishap out here alone. But all was well, and the go to and come back part of my run were on roads like these—

Later I go for a bit of a drive and see the roads and hall by daylight.

Hey, this is a rest day. Dave and I are going out to dinner with some friends. Bye for now. Do you like my hat?

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