Friday, November 13, 2009

Inland to Terrace, BC, The Kiva

There's snow out here this morning in Prince Rupert. We've had a grand breakfast with our hosts at the B&B, and the day looks pretty good. The drive from here to Terrace, BC is reputed to be one of the most scenic in Canada— and we are quite looking forward to it. It's quite beautiful here on the water, in a rugged sort of way, and this is the "end of west" for us. The truck is pointed eastward, and in another month this grand adventure will be over. A full tank of gas, a couple of big coffees to go, and zoom—

Oh, yeah. It's a great looking drive on a day like this. But it does remind us of just how far away Prince Rupert is from the big roads and the big towns. It's Friday the 13th, and I guess that shouldn't matter much if you are not a Knights Templar sort. Gosh, I wonder if the world cares about the secrets of the Holy Grail in the age of the Internet? Anyhow, it's a nice day for us here and now!

Dave rocks in red today!

OK, now we're getting here. This was our gas stop on the way into town.

The gig looked small from the outside, but as we moved indoors for soundcheck it began to look bigger— and all but sold out in advance we are told.

We brought our own sound for this one. That Long and McQuade system has been great in a wide variety of halls. Dave and I are set up and done our soundcheck in less than 20 minutes! Downtown to the Best Western, where we suit up and get a bite to eat. It's going to be a good night for sure, and we're ready.

Showtime! And wouldn't you know it, the Tour camera is back at the hotel! The blues fans have come down from the hills, and all seats are filled. Dave has found a couple of fans who like to tell jokes— or rather, they have found him— and they have a good time trading punchlines before we start. The show itself goes very, very well, and a large number of cds and posters are autographed before the night is out. Tour jacket winner? Of course! Picture? Somebody send us a jpg or two would you? We had a great time at the Kiva and definitely plan on coming back.

Terrace closes up early, even on a Friday night. By the time we get back to our hotel the little pizza joint across the street has closed up. The breakfast buffet will be good.

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