Thursday, November 19, 2009

Maclean Problem Resolved

Recently some fans of the late comedy duo with similar surnames as Doc MacLean and Big Dave McLean confused the award winning comedy show with the award winning blues show. This is unfortunate as the shows were— and are— quite different. The popular comedy act performed its last show over a decade ago, and both of its members are now deceased. Dave and I wish to acknowledge that this is an emotional time for their fans and families, and to extend our regrets concerning any confusion that may have occurred over any instances of the abbreviated useage of our own legal names in promoting the National Steel Century Blues Tour featuring Doc MacLean and Big Dave McLean.

The National Steel Century Blues Tour featuring Doc MacLean and Big Dave McLean is a blues show which has done a previous and substantial national tour of Canada without complaint or confusion. This website is the main promotional forum, with the Tour name featured prominently along with the full names of both the artists, our professional bios, tour logo, and photographic images. There is not and has not been any attempt to associate or confuse ourselves with the late comedy team in any way. The Tour itself comprises over 100 shows in 9 provinces and 2 territories, for the most part played in venues with which we have been previously associated, many played in conjunction with local blues and jazz societies and educational facilities. We have used our own names and images, and promoted a Blues Tour in large print. It is therefore most troublesome that any aspect of our branding and marketing might be unclear, or might cause confusion.

Regrettably an abbreviated form of our full names was used to save space in a header advancing the Tour on September 6th, 2009— “Maclean and McLean Announce a Cool One Hundred.” The abbreviation has also been used, independently, by some promoters and editors with limited space in their own columns or marquees. We are confident, and maintain without reservation, that at no time was there any attempt in any way by the act, it’s promoters, presenters, producers or blues fans to deliberately mislead the general public, or fans of the late comedy duo. We are sincerely sorry for any confusion which may have followed the press release, or any other abbreviated usage of our names which may have occurred on chalkboards, marquees, print publications or other media not under our control. We have reviewed this website and have sought to clarify any instances where Maclean names are used.

In good faith, on October 29, 2009, we also took the voluntary step of addressing all of our remaining Tour venues and promoters:

“I’d… ask that you AVOID using the term “MacLean and McLean” on your chalkboards, marquees, print and multimedia advertising. It’s important that blues and roots fans can clearly identify Big Dave McLean, Doc MacLean, and the Century Blues Tour. We’ve been getting considerable media attention over the last couple of months, and plenty of airplay. Dave has recently had numerous nominations and has just won the WCMA “Blues Album of the Year.” … Thanks for your cooperation!”

It is our sincere hope that this apology and these actions will put all concerns to rest.

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