Wednesday, November 18, 2009

The Exchange, Regina, SK

Not too big a haul today. Medicine Hat to Regina. Dave and I start out the day by cruising the pawn shops, thrift stores, and music outlets in Medicine Hat. About the only thing we get is a bunch of deep sockets out of the tool boxes. Dave uses these to play slide (as do many fine players), so I picked up a couple myself. I've used these years ago, but mostly on electric guitar. I've always used the home made bottlenecks on my acoustic and resophonic guitars. Anyhow, I've got a couple of dirty ol' sockets in my case now, and sooner or later I'll get to fooling around with them.

Here's our highway east today...

Regina comes up pretty fast when you get to it. We always look forward to playing this town. We're playing The Exchange tonight— a nice venue with lots of wood. It's a concert venue, so we'll get a good, listening crowd tonight. Plenty of friends now in Regina. There's a great little blues scene here— a good Blues Society, and a few steady rollin' rooms. Dave played Good Time Charlie's at the Plains Hotel on a regular basis for many years. This back in the day when a gig was six, maybe even twelve nights. What's with all the one nighters now?

The Blues Society has done some shows with us in past years, but this year local DJ, promoter, blues guy about town, Redbeard is presenting us at the Exchange. He's a big fan of the blues and does a lot to make it happen in the region via his radio show and his other activities. Tonight he's worried about ticket sales— but Jeff is always worried! He takes care of details. But we've all done our bit, and I'm pretty sure we are going to have a capacity crowd tonight. Meanwhile we check in with Dale and Sheila, who are going to put us up (and put up with us!) for the night. Dale is part of the Blues Society, and an active professional photographer. He took the image of Dave and I that we've used as a teaser throughout the Tour.

Across town at the venue we soundcheck and set up pretty nicely and quickly— as is our style. We've got an opening show tonight, and he's got some nice looking guitars.

It's a good crowd, and Redbeard is looking relieved. Hey, we knew this was going to be a great night. He was worried because John Mayall was in town last night, playing a casino gig. John should have split the bill with us— The Exchange is just so nice to play. Guess who probably has the most fun in Regina?

It IS a good looking crowd— and of course very stylish with the addition of yet another Tour jacket to the scene! Photographer Glenn Thompson a good friend, came out to the show and presented us with some really nice, mounted, Tour mementos. Mine will be on my office wall for sure. Thanks Glenn! Very thoughtful. Very cool. I shoulda got a shot of his work, but in the confusion and excitement of the moment... Back to the crowd...

We have a very enjoyable show. Dale Williams was kind enough to snap a few quick pics for us—

After an encore and a whole bunch of thank yous, we are back to Dale's for a quick snack, and a well deserved (if I may say so) sleep. In the morning we'll hunt for pawn, get filmed for a movie, visit the Plains Hotel, and check out Mr. Breakfast. What a great life.

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