Sunday, November 15, 2009

Artspace, Prince George, BC

Grill Bill has stayed with us, becoming quite the attraction himself. Damn bird!

We've decided to stay on here, at McLean St., this evening. We'll keep our rooms at the Casino and get an early jump on the big run to Banff tomorrow morning. Breakfast at the Casino, and then we explore the town with an eye for pawnshops and thrift stores. There's nothing open this Sunday morning, so we buy vitamins, and get on the highway north to Prince George.

This little strip of road is not all that exciting, but we are looking forward to tonight's show. Prince George has a very active blues society— the Blues Underground— and it's members will likely be out in good numbers tonight. Our presenter, Earl, always takes care of details like radio and newspaper ads— yes, expensive off the top, but if you don't do this kind of thing you won't get the numbers you want at the gate. The Artspace room is perfect for an acoustic show, and the sound will be wonderful, I am sure.

After a very nice dinner with Earl and Nancy, we proceed to the venue and get on with sound check. Easy! And it sounds great!! I knew it would! We've got a little Green Room backstage where we can suit up.

Hey, are we having fun yet? We've got quite a few fans out to the show tonight— some who have come quite a distance to see us. Nice to meet everyone! Thank you for introducing yourselves, and thanks for making the effort in the face of such bad weather... Oh, did I say— it has started to snow in a substantial kind of way. We're near capacity, but I can bet we're not going to sell out with the weather doing what it is doing! Should be an interesting drive back to Quesnel in the wee hours...

Pretty soon most of these seats are filled up and we kick it off. It's a great blues crowd as we expected, and with their encouragement we deliver a top notch show this evening. They clap, laugh in all the right places, give us encores, buy CDs... We love you, Prince George! Seriously, it's very rewarding to perform across northern British Columbia. It may not be easy to get here, but folks very much appreciate the effort— and are well informed about the music and the artists.

This gal is on file as being the jacket winner... but I think I'm remembering her from a different city? So many jackets, 3400 photographs, and a blog that gets way behind sometimes. She looks happy anyway! I know there were a few people taking pictures of the show tonight— so perhaps you could be so kind as to email me a few jpgs? That would be great!

It's late by the time Dave and I get changed and head out into the snow. Should be an interesting drive down that dark little highway in this storm.

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