Tuesday, November 10, 2009

North to Port Hardy, BC

We stopped by a graveyard on Hornby Island. I'd noticed this place in the past but had never had the time to stop. The unusual markers had caught my attention. I like them, and I probably would of liked the people they serve. The bike, with its antler handlebars is especially cool. I guess no one else could ride it following the death of its rider. Perhaps it was a bit like the bikes in "The Third Policeman," where over time the molecules of bikes and their riders became mixed... Rough roads, you know. Anyway, we're off on a travel day and need to meet our ferry.

This is a magic island, and we are always sorry to leave. I'm jealous of Dave, who will be coming back here for a week in the summer to teach at the Blues Camp! Nice gig, Dave. It sounds like an amazing time. Ah, here comes the boat. We've two of these to catch— travelling first to Denman Island, and then across the short straight to Vancouver Island.

We are quite looking forward to the drive north today. I've never been to the top end of Vancouver Island before, and I'm always excited about driving unfamiliar roads. Dave and I stop at the ferry terminal on the Vancouver Island side, or rather at the general store that is next to it— and buy coffee and popcorn for the ride. The big bags of kettle corn will probably last for days! This road is looking good already!

It is a scenic ride, becoming more and more isolated as we progress. I'm glad we are rolling on a full tank of gas, that's for sure. We reach Port Hardy before dark, find the ferry terminal, find a motel, go to a sports bar for dinner. Tomorrow the Northern Adventure will meet us at the docks. Tonight I'm going to try and get an internet connection out of the lobby of this motel. It's patchy and slow, but good enough for email.

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