Thursday, November 5, 2009

Victoria, BC, House Concert at Sandi's Place

It's an early morning start for me— which is rough as it was also an early morning finish! I'm out of Rod's house, GPSing my way to Dave, who is about ten minutes away. I'm getting pretty good at navigating around here and pull a short cut on the GPS— it works! We roll out and find the ferry docks fairly quickly. We are early enough that we can get coffee and muffins before the voyage. I get a giant coffee. Dave buys it for me. A real gentleman. He doesn't say "you look like dog waste this morning." He just buys me the largest coffee available.

You can tell we are old hands at this crossing of the Straight. Not a single picture of the boat or the view. I bring the laptop up to the lounge to try and work on the Blog, but end up getting some much needed sleep instead. We'll have quite a bit of downtime in Victoria before tonight's show so all will be fine.

It's a rainy night, but it's warm inside and we've got a full house. Sandi isn't here tonight! I'm not clear on exactly where she is, but she had to leave town on business and has trusted the night to her pals. We're going to link up by cell phone and play the last set to her. I think she's in Yellowknife, NT? Anyhow, this is really, really fine that our host has enabled the concert to take place in spite of her need to be elsewhere. We owe ya one Sandi! The picture looks kinda spooky for some reason, but it is actually a lovely space. We get a fine "CBC" introduction, and we're off!

The night is WAY more uptempo than these pics might imply! Dave and I turn in a pretty good performance, and are not as tired as we might appear! We very much enjoy playing house concerts. The folks here are really nice— I only wish we could hang around and spend more time with them! Between sets we sign piles of cds and posters, and get ready for the raffle!

Here I am getting ready to give Dave's jacket away... No, not really! But I've had a glass of wine and I like the idea...
This is one FINE looking tour jacket, eh?

Members of the Victoria Blues Society finally came out to see me! Nice to meet blues society folks everywhere— they do so much to keep the music and the musicians alive. These are the before and after pics... Plain Victoria Blues Society wardrobe above....

And the greatly enhanced wardrobe! Congrats to the Tour Jacket winner!!!

We got to hang out and chat before, after and between sets. I can't remember everyone's names, but we had fun.

Buskers convention! You should have a beard if you want to join the club. Nice to meet this famous, one man band! Dave Harris has been doing his one man band thing on the Victoria waterfront for nearly 30 years now. He's a great player on a variety of instruments, and it's a shame that the festivals and clubs can't seem to pay nearly as much as he makes on the street. Dave's music would be greatly appreciated anywhere. In the meantime, Victoria continues to be blessed— so if you visit Victoria go hear him and buy and cd while you are at it! Dave Harris, I've heard about Dave for many years, so it is really a pleasure to meet him.

A good time is had by all, and before you know it we are in the wrapper for a well deserved sleep. Thanks, Sandi! Thanks to her family and all the volunteers that made this such a successful evening. House Concerts rock!

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