Monday, September 21, 2009

Sell Out Show at Mt. Stewart, PE

We stop by Back Alley Music on University Ave., in Charlottetown. Yeah, this is the place with the albums, cassettes, 8 tracks, and used cds. Dave sold a couple of CDs on the street as word got out about his WCMA win— so of course we need to stop and BUY some more music to listen to in the tour truck. Magic Sam, Blind Willie McTell, and Lonnie Johnson are available, so Dave puts his new earnings to work and buys them. We also pick up a cd which claims to have a previously unissued Blind Blake track on it. This could be interesting! But now we're off to Mount Stewart, PE for tonight's show. The Charlottetown daily has printed a big color picture of us and run a story, and the CBC radio drive show is going to feature us as well. So, we're hoping to see a reasonable crowd out for this Monday night show.

It's a pretty cool little venue. We roll in about three hours early, load in, set up, sound check. We have time to go to our rooms for a snooze before dinner and show time. Can't wait. I spent the morning working on the blog and doing press, so I'm eager to get on with doing a show! First we feed. The food here is top notch. These folks really know how to do it. I have the seafood chowder— amazing. Yes!

It's show time and the place is full to capacity. They are friendly! It's gonna be a good night.

Dave, they're friendly! Honest!

Well, I think so!

We have a great night. The show is relaxed, and Dave and I have a ball. Below is the lucky winner of the Tour Jacket Raffle! Congrats! We try to leave one of these behind in every town.

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