Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Bluz-FM! Tour Schedule Kicks In!

Yes, Sir, Yes, Mam. That's me in my everyday hat outside the Bluz-FM/ Jazz-FM studios in Toronto, ON. Behind me is the batmobile, my get-around-town ride. She's a '63 Galaxie with a big motor. Long. Long. Long... Today I did the Saturday night blues show with host Danny Marks, and we had a great time playing some of my favourite country blues records. I know— it's not Saturday— so that means you haven't actually missed the show yet! Blues-FM is on the internet, too. So y'all can find it and check it out, if you are ambitious. We also played a couple of tracks off the new "Big Road Blues" CD, some stuff off Dave's new album, and some Narrow House. This was the first scheduled event on the Tour, and it went off very well.

I should of taken Danny's picture in the studio, but we were having too much fun, and by the time I remembered the camera I was already outside! Danny Marks is a consumate musician, broadcaster, and musical historian. He does a really interesting blues program that covers a whole lot of territory. We're going to get together again after the tour and dig in to some of the history and people that interest both of us. So stay tuned!

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