Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Road to Fredericton, NB, Old Friends

Rolling this morning out of the beautiful White House Motel. You can see the lobby and reception area behind us. After two nights it's not quite home away from home. But it did have internet and was close to the gig. Last night we hung out with our pals Richard and Manuela, and had a bonfire on their back lawn. Overlooking the lights on the St. Lawrence River, it was a pretty view from the northern part of Quebec City.

Today it's kind of overcast as we head to the Big Pont (a pont is a bridge around here) and catch Route 20 East. It's quite a view, tearing over this big bridge. Soon the sun is coming out for us and we are enjoying the drive along the south shore.

By the time we cross over into New Brunswick we've entered another cultural zone. If only we'd brought more guns and a bigger truck... Don't worry, kids, these animals always sleep in the back of pick-up trucks around here.

Just trees and rocks for the next couple of hours, punctuated by smoke from a few mills. The highways here are real nice, so I set the truck on cruise to avoid tickets. Before long we are rolling into Fredericton. After a quick stop at the festival office we drop by the hotel. Our rooms are not available tonight! I know... we are early, but we want to be on time for our media events tomorrow. We end up checking into a little motel with a name I can't pronounce. It smells like someone may have died in our room, but as there is no sign of the body we set up a table fan and head downtown.

Our good friend Michael Pickett is on his way through town and is playing at Crumbs Cafe, on King St. Dropping by, we are treated to hospitality by Joe, the owner of the venue. While here we meet quite a few local musicians as well as out of towners here for the festival. We seem to be photographed endlessly this evening. Michael is great, as usual, and we stay for most of the show before calling it a night.

Good looking guys in good looking coats.

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  1. Sure was great to see you guys habgin at Crumbs Cafe.