Thursday, September 10, 2009

Rainbow Bistro in Ottawa

Dropped my son at school early this morning, and hit the road! I'll be texting back and forth with my son for the next few months, and maybe bringing him out to play bass, if he can get time off school to practise! It's easier to stay in touch now, although these tours can sometimes strain our relationship. Be good, eh?

A wonderful drive on the Big Road, highway 401 mostly, to Ottawa. The sun is shining, some of the trees have little flashes of colour on them. It's a great day to be alive and a great day to be riding in our tour truck. We stop at Tim's and get a couple of giant coffees, crank up the stereo. This Tour is mobile! Dave is telling jokes and my sides are hurting from laughing.

We've had quite a bit of coverage in Ottawa. We were on a couple of CKCU shows and then were featured on the CBC's local drive show in the morning. There's a little buzz as we arrive at the club. We have a feeling this is going to be a pretty good night.

Edmonton bluesman Tim Lee was represented by his Mom! We've seen quite a few blues moms out already. Tim's mom is a great blues fan as well, coming to see us for the second time.

The Rainbow Bistro is a pretty cool little club in the heart of downtown Ottawa. I used to play here with my big band back in the 1980's, when there were line-ups down the block to get in. It's a little quieter these days. I'd have a better feeling about the show if our posters were up ANYWHERE in the club. I like the staff here, and the place has been owned by the same family for years. However, it seems pretty clear that it is not the prime blues destination it once was. Presenting shows is a partnership.

Thankfully, the CBC morning show has brought out quite a few blues fans who might not have attended otherwise! Dave and I have a good soundcheck with another Dave— who puts up some decent mics for us, and tapes together the broken mic stands provided by the venue. We start early and have a great night. It's an early start and an early finish. I like these because more people can come out! We have a ball playing tonight! Quite a few fans from previous shows are here, and it's fun to sign CDs and posters for them.

After the show Dave and I head down to the Market for a bite to eat. By the time we get to our hotel it's 2:30 AM anyway. The Google maps were not that great, but we made it. We can sleep in a little bit as we only have a short drive to Burnstown, ON in the morning.

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