Thursday, September 17, 2009

Harvest Jazz and Blues— One of the Best Festivals!

Here's our view from across the river. It's kind of cold and foggy this morning. We have a quick breakfast at Joe's Diner, go back to the hotel and suit up, and head downtown to Kings Place for our noon hour show. Wonder what kind of day this is going to be...

No worries here! The sun is pushing it's way out and we've got a big crowd pumped and waiting behind the blue line! We have a coffee across the street as we wait for the opening show to wrap up. We are being photographed and autographed constantly. This is nice. We run into some blues pals, Dale and Andy from Nova Scotia and hang out with them for a while. They kindly offer to man the tour camera during our show. As you'll see below, they did a nice job of documenting the show!

It was a fun show. Afterwards we hung around and met people. We signed quite a few cds, as well as the festival cymbal! It feels like we know everybody in town now!

Now we're off to Long and McQuade to do a workshop. We find the store on top of the hill pretty easily, and the staff have got a little PA system waiting for us. Some folks from the outdoor show have come up to ask questions. We have a great time as always. Drat! The batteries on the Tour Camera died! No pics of this, very friendly Long and McQuade store. We've got just enough time to roll down the big, Fredericton hill to the Hoodoo Tent where we'll soon be doing our evening show. We load in at exactly the appointed time, and the ever present Harvest volunteers are there to help. Nice. Food is scarce backstage. There is beer and pop, but Dave and I don't want beer and pop, we want food! A quick trot across the street to Crumbs Cafe where they've got a BBQ set up and a pig ready to roast. No pork for us— we're a day early on that— but a quick burger it is, and then back to the tent. The place is sold out, and people are pressing us for passes we don't have! Sorry! I'd love to get everybody in. All the same, it is nice to be sold out.

Here's Dave waiting in the backstage cave with our gear.

Ready to go. Yeah!

I snapped this during the line check. Big tent. The Blues has come to Town.



The festival provided us with "handlers" to help get us through the crowd after the show.

Guess who??

Mike, Doc, Jack, and Dave catching one of Morgan Davis' sets at the Fox.

Big hug for our pal Matt Anderson wraps the night for us. It's too early in the Tour for us to be staying up late! We've got about ninety shows ahead of us, and we need our rest. Harvest graciously pays us out and has our merch ready on the spot. Thanks so much. This will let us get going first thing in the morning. It's one of the great festivals— not because it is big, but because it's everything a festival should be. Dave and I are so pleased to have been part of it once again.

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