Thursday, September 24, 2009

Bearly's House of Blues, Halifax, NS

Like the sign says,"Bearly's House of Blues and Ribs." Dave says the ribs are very good. The stage hardware is a little battered, but we drag in our own mics and stands and had the system sounding pretty good in short order. Dave's name is not up on the chalk board. Posters are hard to find. When the billing is messed up, I never have a good feeling about what may follow...

Joe Murphy came out to say hello. Great to see him in good health and spirits. We swap CDs between sets. There sure are some great players in Atlantic Canada. Joe is one of them. Other friends come out, too. Shirley Jackson is here. We chat for a while, but she ducks out before I can get a photo. I guess the newspapers got the billing right, anyway. That's good. I sent them press releases. Harry Manx and Steve Marriner are doing a show just down the street. Perhaps we'll see them tonight. We're starting about an hour later than them, so we may have a bunch of visitors by the second set.

The Store is open! We sell some CDs, but decide not to do a raffle tonight.

It's very nice when friends and fans show up from other cities. Tonight we have a whole bunch out that caught the National Steel Tour last year at the Blues and Beyond Festival. And there are quite a few folks here that caught our concert in Fredericton, at the Harvest Jazz and Blues Festival last week.

Dale and Paul come early and stay to the end. They hosted us to dinner last night, and we had a great time hanging out playing records, cds, and swapping blues stories. You can see that Dale is fashion king tonight in his National Steel Blues tour jacket!

Dave and I play two 90 minute sets tonight, digging in deep for a while with some serious blues. It's a good crowd and they follow us along. We have a great time, but before we know it the night is done! I never do get to meet Mimi, I just get a pay packet from the waitress. After hotels and gas we've pretty much given Halifax a free show. Good night.

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  1. Hey Doc & Dave:

    Great to see and hear you guys again. It was a blast, both in Halifax and Fredericton. Hope you guys have a great time on the rest of the tour.