Saturday, September 26, 2009

(B) roadway Cafe, Sussex, NB

Our hostess is an ex-Navy Karate instructor. Her husband is also ex-Navy, and looks a bit like James Bond. We call them "Sir" and "M'am." They've been very kind, and we've had a great time here!

It's hard to leave the Phoenex Hollow Bed and Breakfast in Windsor, NS, but eventually we do! We've got a modest drive up into New Brunswick for tonight's show, and we're feeling good. The air is clear, the weather— a great Atlantic Canadian fall day.

Looking good! And they will feed us a late lunch!!

It's a small, but warm and friendly room. Some people have been listening to us on the CBC, so they've come out to hear us in person. Others have made the drive down from Fredericton, NB, which must be at least an hour north of here.

Tour jacket winner!!! Yah, yah!! Wear it proudly back to the Jazz and Blues Festival and have a beer on us!

My dear friends Bob and Colleen made the drive down from Fredericton to catch the show and have dinner. Wow. That was really nice. Colleen even made up a care package for us! I wish I could visit more often and just hang out! A very pleasant night. The cook's helper is an Aussie right off the boat. Have a great stay, mate. Sussex is a friendly little town. I'm going to get up early and have a run around it before breakfast.

Dave says"hi!"

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