Sunday, September 27, 2009

Drive Day to Quebec: Crossing Tours with Pickett

I'm up real early and out of our B&B for a run. I do about 8 or 10 km of mostly hilly residential town streets before making my way back. I don't want to miss breakfast! We're on the road soon enough, but not before making a stop at the local museum. It's closed today!

We search for coffees to go, and then we are out of town. It's a pleasant drive north, past Fredericton. Beyond this point it gets pretty wild for the best part of a day's drive. Just hills and logging and trucks and this little highway. They've actually done a great job of upgrading this road— most of it is now divided, smooth and fast— right through to Quebec.

That doesn't mean we don't get bored on this highway. Pretty soon we're on the new cell phone to give Michael Pickett a call. He's on tour in Atlantic Canada as well, and we wonder how his adventure is doing... Michael answers his phone and— strangely— he's on the same highway as we are, going the same direction, maybe five minutes behind us! We decide to lunch at a gas bar just up the road.

Cool, eh? For a minute I can't remember which Tour I'm on! Michael and I had a great Tour together last year. We did about 65 shows coast to coast on the National Steel Tour. Maybe we'll get to do it again sometime. We sure put some deep blues down across the land. But right now these are two tours at the gas bar crossroads. After a slow and dreadful meal we gas up and get on our way. Michael will stop at Quebec City, and Dave and I will stop closer to Montreal.

We're bored again!!! No?

I like the drive along the south shore of the St. Lawrence River. Strange, lumpy little hills. Little strips of original land grants stretching back in narrow fingers from the water. Soon it will be late and dark. All the motels on this road between Quebec City and Montreal seem to be equally bad and uniformly expensive, full, and in poor repair. We will find one of these eventually, and sleep— or not sleep— to the sounds of people fucking badly in the next room. Brunch will be Swartz's Deli in downtown Montreal.

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