Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Hangin' in Hammertown

Here we are in beautiful downtown Hammertown, just across the river from Fredericton. We've got class digs in a motel whose name we can't pronounce. I think they must of removed the bodies from our room recently— still smells of death and sex and smoke and stale beer and broken dreams. But it does have internet. I call into the CBC to set up our shoot times and locations. Problems! Our producer has booked off with a serious illness! We scramble and re-schedule our media activities, but mostly we'll be hanging around town today. Oh, well... we know where to go first.

Joe's Diner! And if we had the money we'd buy this jewel of a breakfast spot. It's for sale. It's also our number one Canadian breakfast spot for the third year in a row. Eat at Joe's. We'll probably manage two more breakfasts here before we need to move on!

We do some shopping and have a quiet day. We check out and move into the festival hotel, but we're a day early— so we are pretty much on our own. We caught a noon hour show by Keith Hallett— great young player from Fredericton. He is going to put the place on the big maps for sure. Nice to hear you Keith! Now we're a couple of tired blues singers, so we treat ourselves to a seafood dinner at the fairground and call it an early night. We will be very busy during the coming day.

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