Thursday, September 3, 2009

Big Dave Hits the Big Smoke

Air Canada delivers Dave right on time to the Big Smoke. That's the name this town seems to wear these days, although I think it's more smog than smoke these days. Toronto. Tour start! It's great to see Dave. I bring him his new Tour Jacket and we jump in the '63 and head downtown. We're wearing our sunglasses and honking the horn. It's good to be away from the business and back in action. John Valentyne is waiting for us in the soon to be demolished, historic, CIUT-FM studios.

It's always a treat to visit here, and I feel that we are lucky to visit here one last time. There has been a lot of very cool stuff touching the airwaves from this place over the years.

We chat and play some tracks off the new, Big Road Blues CD. Dave hasn't heard the recording yet, although it got quite a bit of play on the CBC over the past couple of years. Originally recorded for a Canada Live segment, the music was also featured on Saturday Night Blues and then on the Concert on Demand list. We licensed the recording to create this Big Road Blues CD. Only a few hundred copies are being made, and these will only be sold at our shows, during this tour.


What a great, old studio. Thanks for having us, John. It's always nice to be interviewed by someone who really knows his blues, and brings so much joy to sharing this music.

John also reviewed the new disk in Maple Blues Magazine, the publication of the Toronto Blues Society. It's a pretty classy looking publication, especially with our picture lurking in the inner pages. Seriously, we are very grateful for the coverage, and hope that we can introduce some blues fans to Hugh's Room next week!

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