Thursday, October 29, 2009

The Tour Goes Well— Too Well!!

OK, so the Tour has been off the Blog for quite some time now!!! I'm really sorry for the gap. We've really been doing fabulously well out here. But, as you can guess, there has been almost no down time at all. Just enough time to travel, set up, play, break down, and do it again. Where we have had a few hours, we've often been in locations without internet or cellular access, so the Blog is way, way behind. I've got lots of pictures— the Tour Camera is in use daily. I'll get this caught up over time.

Meanwhile, to bring you up to date— south western Ontario was very good. We played some amazing places to sold out crowds. The flight to Winnipeg on Thanksgiving was a bit spoiled by ENTERPRISE CAR RENTALS which not only charged us $1100 more than their initial quote, but also refused to shuttle us to our flight until we signed a "accident report" form for a defective hinge mechanism on the back gate. No accident occurred. Just a cash grab by a company that won't be used again by the Tour. Accident claims are now chasing us for an additional 275.00 for a gate support which is clearly a defective, warranty problem, and entirely unrelated to our use of the van. See you in small claims court. I hate it when companies feel they can just screw you over.

Winnipeg for dinner with Dave's family, then off to Saskatoon the next morning. Great, sold out show put on by the Saskatoon Blues Society. I love playing that town! A couple of fun dates across rural Sask, and then into Vermilion, Alberta, for a truly magic night put on by the Vermilion Folk Club. Edmonton was a bit of a let down. We had a great time doing CKUA and CBC radio shows there, but the gig— at the Haven Social Club— was not promoted or advertised in any way. That's just a waste of our time and the venue's. Next day things picked up again. Up before dawn to drive to Calgary, where we caught a flight to Yellowknife, NT. Capacity show there in a really great hall. CBC North co-produced and recorded this one— so you will eventually be able to hear it on Canada Live, Concert on Demand, and Saturday Night Blues. We had exactly one hour at the hotel after the show before catching a cab back to the airport. Early flight to Calgary, changing planes for Whitehorse. Our new pal Brian picked us up at the Whitehorse Airport, and we drove snow covered roads for five hours to make our show that night in Dawson City! Nice to be in Dawson for two days. We did a guitar masterclass, a school, a youth centre, and then a sold out show at a beautiful, heritage hall. We'll get lots of pics up for this one. The people we met were great, and we felt like we belonged to the town. I can't wait to go back.

Flyout to Whitehorse where we played the Old Firehall. These northern folks were amazing as well. It's pretty special up in the Yukon. They made us feel special. We really enjoyed playing this one! I had a couple of hours (with no internet) so I went for a run along the Yukon River, up to the dam and back. Wow. I had to wait for the sun to come up to do the run— days are a little shorter than I am used to! I hope to see Whitehorse again, sooner than later.

Calgary, for a sell out show at the Ironwood Grill. A great Calgary club, and all the blues people came out to see us. Long and McQuade the next day for a really well attended workshop, and then a fast drive to Lethbridge, AB for sound check. A couple of days of low key shows around southern Alberta, and then into the mountains for the current leg. It's a little snowy up on the passes, but nothing too bad yet.

So here we are, alive and well in Revelstoke, BC this morning, getting ready to leave for Kelowna and points west. Dave and I are feeling good, and looking sharp. Say tuned! Thanks for following the Tour!

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