Friday, October 2, 2009

Moonshine Cafe, Oakville, ON— Capacity Crowd

Not a big room, but sure fun to play. It is nice to be back at this friendly venue. Owner/operator John Martlett makes us comfortable and has us set up in no time. There's not much food going on here today. I guess they've scaled back their kitchen operations since last year. That's a shame— because we're hungry, and we're going to have to wait until the small hours to get our supper. But meanwhile, we are fine, and settle in. I've brought my son, Alasdair along to help with the merch. He usually sells quite a few cds for me, although he demands a fairly high percentage of the action!

It looks as though it is going to be pretty crowded here tonight. People are coming in constantly, and there are little "reserved" signs on many of the tables. The place isn't sold out in advance— as it was last year— but it looks like we'll fill it pretty tight for sure.

My pal Alfie Smith, from Hamilton, ON, is going to open for us tonight. He's a real good singer, songwriter, and finger style guitarist in the blues-roots tradition. Alfie always seems to have some cool guitars in his show— and tonight is no exception. He's brought one of his Nationals along. I forget what year and what model it is. Anyway, what better excuse for a photo op? Not often you get the old girls together in such numbers. Otta let 'em socialize!

Alfie's, mine, Big Dave's...

Alfie Smith, Alasdair MacLean, Big Dave McLean. I was really hoping that Alasdair was going to sit in and play bass for a couple of numbers— Larry Taylor style, Willie Dixon... Maybe next year, eh, Alasdair? Tonight he's dressed more like Alfie. Are these blues threads for the next century, or should I get you guys ties for Christmas?

This was supposed to be a close up of my guitar. It is an early National Type O, and you can see the copper plating where the nickel has worn through. Of course that wears through to steel, which gives way to rust... These guitars are meant to be played.

Tonights show is dedicated to the late Sam Chatmon, who gave me a big boost in so many ways. I was recently contacted by the State of Mississippi and invited to attend, speak, and perform at the unveiling of a historical plaque honouring Sam. As this invite came too late to the Tour schedule, I had to send my regrets. As today was Sam's day in Mississippi, I made it his here tonight as well.

And away we go!!! As usual there is a great crowd here. Dave and I have a ball. Alfie is wonderful. We raffle off a jacket and sell quite a few cds at half time. Before we know it, we are encoring and the night is done! That went fast! You know, the best shows always do.

We hang with Moonshine Cafe booker/owner/operator/sound tech, bar guy John Marlatt for a while before we load out. I don't know WHAT that is on the counter. I don't think you can eat it... Thanks for a great night, John. See you next time!

We're hungry, and we blast off onto the QEW highway— looking for food. Alasdair and Big Dave want fast food, and we are on the outskirts of Toronto before we locate a Tim's. They eat. I'll wait for breakfast, or make toast. By 3:30 AM we're all loaded into the house. Good night!

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