Saturday, October 31, 2009

Big Day in the Big Hills— Doc Scores a Lincoln

All is quiet in the valley— mist or fog still hugging the foothills as Dave and I set out this morning. Dave has been out for an early morning walk already and has something he wants me to see.

Hmmm... it's a nice looking Lincoln Town Car with a "for sale" sign in the windshield. We knock on the door, but as there is no answer, we head into Enderby to the breakfast joint. I think it's called Hungry Jack's. Did I get that right? I hope so. It is definitely where to have breakfast in these parts. At breakfast, I reach the car owner on the phone and— recklessly— offer to meet him in 20 minutes to look at the car. The meeting is arranged— but we are in a hurry— we've got to get to Kamloops for an afternoon workshop at Long and McQuade, and we don't want to be late! Even crazier, we meet the guy, make him an offer, and buy the big Lincoln in all of about ten minutes. I count him out a deposit on the hood of the car and tell him I'll be back to pick it up in a month! He's not real happy about that, but money talks... So we have a deal. Moments later we are lead foot towards Kamloops and I'm realizing that I'm going to have to come all the way back here from the eventual Tour end in Winnipeg to pick up my new wheels. Heck, I shoulda waited and bought something closer to home. Dave, at least, is thrilled, so I challenge him to a street race in December... Lincoln against Caddy, boot to boot... All this crazy talk serves to take our minds off the witch's curse. (Yes, the Tour now has an evil witch following it along. OK, maybe not evil, but not real nice either— and we're thinking perhaps not well balanced. Pickett and I carried garlic in the truck last year, and we were fine... This year there is something black hovering in the air, somewhere, looking at us.)

But right now it's a pretty drive north to Kamloops— looks like this!

This is an unknown Long and McQuade store to us, so we are looking forward to meeting everyone and checking it out. Manager Ron Wilies and his staff are ready for us when we arrive. The store is up on Summit Drive, not far from the highway, and not far from the university. Nice layout, and some nice stock, too! It's an easy load in for the workshop, and we're ready to meet and greet in short order. A good little crowd amble about, not a big turnout here, but an interested one. Somehow they are too busy to take any photos with the Tour camera— as am I! Email me a couple of jpgs would somebody? I know there are at least two video recorders on the go and some stills being taken! Anyway, it is very pleasant and, as usual, there are some good questions from the Long and McQuade visitors. Dave and I buy harmonicas, picks, stuff, before heading out to grab some food for the road. Longs has always got STUFF! And we always end up buying some of it! A great little store here in Kamloops— see you next time.

We're going to head west and south to spend the night at Ashcroft, BC. It is, of course, Halloween, and traditionally it's been impossible to book this night anywhere. Tonight it is to be bands, dancing and DJs throughout the land. Party down people. We'll see if any of our pals are around Ashcroft. Perhaps we'll take in a house party and get a chance to do some playing. It is a real nice haul out of here to Ashcroft, at least on a real nice day. And today is nice, so we enjoy the ride... I think this area is correctly called "high desert." Whatever. I like it a lot. This is a great life.

Dave retires early to his room, but his cousin, Clem, turns out and we go for dinner at the local pizza joint. Ashcroft is sure quiet. We're just not connected tonight— so we will sleep. No internet in these hotel rooms.

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