Thursday, October 29, 2009

Kelowna, Revisited: The Minstrel Cafe

We get to sleep in a little bit this morning. Not too much, just a little. Breakfast at the hotel. Bank. Post office. Our standard drive around town looking for thrift stores and pawn shops. Revelstoke is pretty upscale, so we don't run across anything that captures our curiosity. The day is improving, and we get out on the road for the south run to Kelowna.

It's sorta overcast and damp, but no snow yet— thank goodness! A nice drive down the valley to Kelowna over now familiar highways. We arrive at the Minstrel Cafe fairly early and get set up quickly. The room sounds good. Dave and I hunt down our hotel for a couple hours of rest before showtime.

We pretty much sold out this venue two years ago, so we are hopeful the fans will be back again tonight. Kelowna seems difficult to promote for some reason, but it always seems to work out in the end. Tonight is no different, and we are greeted at the door by owner/manager Clare, who has customers seated at most of the tables already. The Tour camera has been misplaced. I hope it is at the hotel, because I can't find it in the truck. So, no pics tonight, sorry!

It is a pleasant evening, although not as crowded as last year. It is a sort of "between the season" kind of time in this resort town. Perhaps I'll get back here to play in the good weather some day! Anyway, we end early tonight. Uneventful. Good food. Good drink. Good company. We've got a long day tomorrow, with a very early start. So it is back to the hotel and straight to bed!

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