Sunday, March 28, 2010

Addendum-dums: The No-Thanks List

We never did get our four, brand new boom stands and clips back from Smoke Meat Pete's in west Montreal. Despite several— at least 5— expensive phone calls to the venue, leaving a shipping address each time, asking them to send this gear COLLECT to me via ANY courier service, the gear has never materialized. Pete's acknowledged having the gear just after it was left there— some five months ago— and I've paid $108.00 in rental fees on it since the Tour closed our Long & McQuade agreement in December. They've also admitted to having the gear in subsequent conversations, each time re-requesting my shipping address. It would of been great to get the gear back a few days after it was left there— but this is nearly six months later. Pete makes a great sandwich, but the $250. loss I seem to have taken on the gear probably means my next Montreal sandwich will be bought downtown... Not happy about this at all.

We never did get our Tour banners back either. These vanished somewhere between Invermere, BC and White Rock, BC. I contacted all of the venues between these points, and nobody admitted to having them, or perhaps looked very hard for them. These were quite expensive to produce, but really dressed up the larger stages nicely. We missed the banners once they were gone. Somebody has them. Nice trophies. I can't use these again, anyway, but I was disappointed that they didn't turn up.

I believe that Enterprise Car Rentals of Etobicoke, (west Toronto) ON screwed us for $275.00 on our six week rental. There was a defective hinge or door lift support on the hatch door of our Dodge Caravan. They filed an "accident report" on this warranty covered part, and billed it to my credit card while we travelled for an additional two months. Nor would they call me on my cell phone to discuss this— only my home phone would do. Total bullshit by a stupid local operator who won't be seeing $2000- 3000. in rentals from my Tours anymore. I should add that Enterprise staff in Winnipeg and elsewhere have been fabulous— especially at the Winnipeg airport. Toronto seems to have a problem— maybe greed and dishonesty? Sheer stupidity? I can't decide, but probably one condition leads to the other. Customer satisfaction certainly doesn't seem to be high on their list of priorities.

Not bad, I guess, for 3 months of steady touring. Most people, companies, suppliers, venues, techies, were really great. So I won't gripe the blog beyond these few disappointments.

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