Friday, January 16, 2009

Housekeeping the Tour

Well, I did get the first big batch of Tour announcements out yesterday, but in the scramble to try and make the HTML look half decent some of the releases went out without photo credit. Bother! The cool pic of Big Dave and I was taken backstage at The Exchange, in Regina, Saskatchewan, at a show presented by the Regina Delta Blues Association. The photographer is my good pal Dale Williams, also of Regina.

Dale Williams is a well known commercial and artistic photographer in Regina. He's also a great supporter of the blues. I really, really appreciate his efforts to document these shows, and his generosity in making the images available to me. Thanks, Dale! I'm really sorry some of these got out without the proper credit!

On the good news side, I filled twelve dates today, or 12% of the Century Tour. British Columbia, Saskatchewan, and Ontario weighed in, and I expect to have most of the other provinces on the map by next week. The really prime dates are actually going to go pretty fast, I think. I'm going to be at the Blues Summit and the Maple Blues Awards, in Toronto, over the next three days, and I expect to nail down at least the same number of shows again before I get home...

The Maple Blues Awards are the Canadian version of the Blues Music Awards. They cover a whole lot of territory, an incredible blues scene, and a real cast of characters. Some of you may know already that Big Dave McLean has been nominated as Entertainer of the Year, and as Acoustic Act of the Year. So I'll be cheering for him, or for whoever wins the trophies. Congrats to all the nominees. Monday night, we'll see what happens!

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